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What is a score bet? How to play and how to calculate money in score bets

Correct score betting, also known as exact score betting, is a special type of wager popular among football (soccer) enthusiasts where players can potentially win significant amounts of money. But what exactly is correct score betting? Why does it offer such large rewards? I'll explain these through the following hot soccer tips

What is Correct Score Betting?

Correct score betting involves predicting the exact final score of a match in order to win the bet. It's a challenging type of sports betting, but winning can yield substantial rewards.

How It Works

In a correct score bet, sportsbooks provide a range of possible scores for you to bet on, each with different odds. If your predicted score matches the actual final score of the match, you win according to the odds set by the sportsbook.

Should You Bet on Correct Score?

Correct score betting is straightforward in theory and can offer high potential returns. While it's generally more difficult to win than other types of bets like Asian Handicap or 1×2 bets, understanding the game and making informed predictions can increase your chances of success.

In conclusion, while correct score betting poses its challenges, it can also be highly rewarding. I recommend trying it a few times to experience its appeal and potentially earn significant profits.

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Types of score bets you can place: With score betting, bookmakers offer various types of attractive bets for you to place. Based on my extensive betting experience, I will introduce you to score bets that you can participate in on behalf of the bookmakers.

First half score bet: With this score bet, you must predict the exact score only for the first half to win. Scores from the second half of the match will not count.

Second half score bet: This bet also considers only the score in the second half to determine if you win the bet. Any scores from the first half are not counted in the second half score bet.

Full-time score bet: With this bet, you must accurately predict the score after the official 90 minutes of play. Scores during extra time are not considered by the bookmakers.

Extra time score bet: This bet focuses on the score during extra time. Bookmakers typically offer these bets for cup matches that go into extra time.

Calculating winnings in score bets: Many people think calculating winnings in score bets is difficult, but I find it quite straightforward. I'll provide an example to illustrate how to calculate winnings in score bets.

For example, in the match between Vietnam and Thailand, the bookmaker sets the score at 1-0 with odds of 6.5 for Vietnam and 8.0 for Thailand. If you correctly predict Vietnam winning 1-0 and bet 100,000 VND, your winnings would be (100 x 6.5 = 650,000 VND). If you predict Thailand losing 0-1 and bet 100,000 VND, your winnings would be (100 x 8.0 = 800,000 VND).

Experience in winning score bets: Winning score bets isn't easy, so I recommend you learn from my experience with these tips:

Base your predictions on head-to-head history: To accurately predict match scores, study the historical results between the two teams. Look for common score outcomes when these teams have played each other before.

Focus on likely score outcomes: Bookmakers offer a wide range of score options, including unlikely scores like 6-0 or 7-0. While the odds for these scores are high, such outcomes are rare in matches. It's safer to bet on scores like 0-0, 1-0, 2-1, or 2-0, which have a higher probability of occurring.

Place multiple bets on different scores: In score betting, diversify your bets across multiple score options to increase your chances of winning. Even with a small amount bet on each score, you can still come out profitable when you win.

Even though score bets can be challenging to win, they offer substantial rewards, so don't overlook them. I hope my betting tips sites insights above provide useful knowledge about score betting, enabling you to participate in score betting with reputable bookmakers and win substantial amounts of money.


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